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Open: 15.5. - 21.8.

Entrance fee:
Adults 7€ / children 4,50€
Groups, at a miminum of 10 persons
  - adults 6€ / children 4€
The Toivonen Animal Park and the Peasants´ Museum is situated by main road 8 in Kälviä, a village 10 kilometres to the north from Kokkola. The Museum and the Animal Park right by the museum covers at the moment 50 separate buildings and over 12500 exhibits. The museum area is expanding continuously. It is being developed in a purposefull way, in order to provide each visitor information in detail about the rustic way of life in a village in Central Ostrobothnia at the beginning of the 20th century. At the Animal park you can become acquainted with 20 different spieces of animal. All farm animals can be found here in their traditional surroundings. The area offers lots of services; a cafeteria, meals for groups, rooms for meatings, services for festive occations, exhibitions and demonstrations.
At the shop of handicrafts and souvenirs visitors will find articles to buy to bring along home for older as well as younger members of the family. In the courtyard there is a playground for children, providing all visitors a fun time.
Accomodation is available at a reasonable price at the cottage- and caravan area for the entire family during summer, even for longer stays. Each cottage accommodates 3-4 persons. Supplementary programme and guided tours for groups can also be arranged by order in advance.

The Heritage Centre offers special services for groups year around.
You are welcome to call for favourable bids.
Reserverations: Merja Toivonen-Teräs, phone: +358-6-835 1950

The Toivonen Animal Park and the Peasants´ Museum
Toivosen Eläinpuisto ja Talonpojanmuseo

Matti Toivonen, Eläinpuistontie 2, 68300 Kälviä, Finland

Phone: +358-6-835 1190, +358-6-835 0034, +358-500-666 535
Fax +358-6-835 0034
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