The Toivonen Animal Park and the Peasants´ Museum

The museum area is expanding all the time,
at the moment the area offers the following:
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A cafeteria in a traditional finnish chimneyless hut, which operates in an Ostrobothnian farm-house from the 18th century at the museum area right by the Local Arts Centre. At the cafeteria, the visitor can buy sandwiches and pastry every day or maybe have something else to eat there.

The heritage centre - Matti's house is a one and a half storyed farmhouse, which is situated in the courtyard of the Peasants´ Museum. The building dates back to the 19th century and it has been moved to its present location from Ruotsalo, which is a small village close to the museum area. This cosy house is an operational centre of the museum area. It could be described as a pulsating heart, offering visitors possibilities to enjoy meals or programme of different sorts. The area is specifically suitable for excursionist and larger groups.

Antti´s cottage - in this old timbered cottage visitors will during summer get the opportunity to through work demonstrations become familiar with methods of handicraft making in former days, like carding, spinning or yarn dyeing, to mention only a few.

The Smith´s Workshop served as the center of the village community in former days. All necessary tools and implements of the households were usually made by the forge. At the blacksmith´s workshop there is a wide amount of equipment to be found on display in relation to the work of the smith. During summer season visitors will get the opportunity to see work demonstrations performed by the best village smiths´of the nation.

Grandpa´s carpenter´s workshop - at the carpenter´s workshop, which dates back to the beginning of this century, the visitor gets the opportunity to see a large amount of machines with wooden frames and carding frames, out of which all exhibits still are functioning. The carpenter´s workshop gives you an excellent idea about the early mechanization of the 20th century. At the factory a wide amount of tools of a carpenter can be found on display. Right by the carpenter´s workshop there is also an old transforming station.

The Commercial Center covers a general store from the 1930´s - 40´s, an old village post office, a telephone exchange, a watchmaker´s shop and a photographic laboratory. Outside of the center there is also an old filling station.

The Drying-house and the Countryside Museum shows a wide amount of tools and utensils needed at farm-houses and for agricultural life in the old days.

The Exhibition Shed offers the visitors each season interesting exhibitions with changing themes.

The Museum of Wilderness presents woodcraft, hunting and fishing in different sections.

Liisa´s cottage - a rustic lodging, inside of which exhibitions and work demonstrations can be seen during summer.

There are also many other interesting things to be seen at the area, for instance a motor museum, a tar-burning pit, a brickfield and a cottage of a tenant farmer.

At the Animal Park there are 20 different species of animals represented. The area covers a total sum of about 200 lovely animals, which means that there is a lot of hustle and bustle going on. And the best thing is...all visitors are welcome to pet the charming and adorable animals.


Matti's House

Watchmaker's shop

Commercial Center

The Shop of Handicrafts and souvenirs

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