We are the number one tourist attraction
at Central Ostrobothnia.

The Toivonen Animal Park and Peasant Museum is a great, wholesome place that people of all ages will enjoy and want to visit again and again. Please join us for a day of fun and memories for all. Visitors are welcome to pet the charming and adorable animals while enjoying the peaceful country setting. The Toivonen Animal Park and Peasant Museum is located in Kälviä by the main route E8, 10 kilometers of Kokkola city.

The Animal Park and Peasant Museum currently consists of 50 separate buildings and more than 12,500 exhibits. Museum village is constantly expanding and it is being developed purposefully to share detailed information on the average Central Ostrobothnia country village life in the first half of the last century. During the summer season there are many interesting workshops that follow the old peasant tradition and a number of theme exhibitions.

In the museum area there are an old -fashioned playground for children and antique cars and tractors, a fantastic attraction everyone will enjoy! We have an exhibition area of play houses and some play houses to play with. You can also find a play shop. Some of the animals in the animal park you can expect to see are goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, cats and dogs along with their babies. All animals can be found here in their traditional surroundings.

We also have a handicraft and gift shop with lots of gifts. The range contains products for different age groups. The opening hours of the shop are the same as the Cafe Savupirtti’s. You can visit the shop without paying the entrance fee to the park.

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